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To meet the needs, requirements and expectations of our customers for the projects, equipment and services we provide.


  • We set international quality standards
  • We create conditions to achieve the best performance in our category
  • We fulfil customers needs
  • We comply with internal and external requirements
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The main actions of the company are the study of a space for the selection of quality solutions, the avoidance of heat losses and the formulation of a work plan based on a plan.Aditionally, we undertake the installation of refrigeration circuits for supermarkets, warehouses, vegetable-fruit trading areas and hotels. At the same time, we undertake the maintenance of refrigerators and air conditioners. Our work is characterized by professionalism and high standards in terms of know-how and study in order to satisfy even the most demanding customer.


1. We set international quality standards


  • We apply the ELOT EN ISO 90001: 2015 standard
  • We are committed to providing all the necessary resources for the implementation and continuous improvement of the management system
  • Quality policy is presented as a dynamic tool that will support and improve all our activities

2. We create conditions to achieve the best performance in our category

  • We cultivate a quality mentality based on the practice "do the right thing from the first time" to avoid the need for corrective actions
  • We work with reputable suppliers and subcontractors
  • We train staff in the effective implementation of the system and the new requirements of our sector

3. We fulfil customers needs

  • Understand the needs of our customers and respond quickly and efficiently
  • We provide confidence in meeting their needs

4. We comply with internal and external requirements

  • We set procedures that are recognized benchmarks and measuring our performance
  • We have authorized the Quality Manager in order to identify quality problems, introduce, recommend or offer solutions and to confirm the implementation of these solutions
  • We accomodate the legal requirements in relation to the construction of the projects, the installation and the maintenance of the provided equipment (also concerns the equipment that contains fluorinated greenhouse gases)

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