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The amount of energy spent on retail markets must be reduced given the importance of energy savings. The most common ways are good insulation in the supermarket building and covering cold refrigerators with covers.

In retail chains 60% of the energy is spent on temperature control and cooling of refrigerators. Open front cabinets, even when produced with good technology, lose cold air and reduce storage temperature. Energy saving is one of the most important issues of our century as the climate changes and parallelly our energy sources run out. Allowing that this is a global problem, every company has really big responsibilities.

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The advantages of our door systems can be mentioned below.

  • In the event of a power failure in the central system, the products may remain cold for a longer period of time, as the cold air inside the housing will be isolated from the environment.
  • Led lighting
  • Condensation prevention technology
  • Energy saving up to 80%

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